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A Chicago Native, Joe Joe Scott naturally grew up a fan of traditional blues and blues-rock music. With influences such as Albert, Freddie, and B.B King to classic rockers Jimmy Page, Slash, and Joan Jett, Joe Joe's guitar playing employs a wide range of musical sounds and genres. While he thinks of himself as a bluesman first, he has an aggressive style of playing, combining lighting fast firey licks with smooth melodic intricacies that mix 8 years of musical experience into a tornado of supersonic force.

When not playing guitar, Joe Joe spends most of his time reading comics, playing video games, and looking at memes. He is also a big Game of Thrones fan and hopes that the conclusion of the book series differs from the ending of the show.

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Christian Thomas Martin Fritz-Klaus, aka Fritz, wasn't born a singer. As a youngster, he did everything in his power to get out of singing in choir and school plays. To make up for it, he played percussion instruments, which he continued to pursue throughout high school. He then started writing stories, poems, and lyrics. Now, Fritz is a singer-songwriter composing pieces about philosophy, social justice, love, myths and legends.​

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JULIA LEWANDOWSKI - Tenor Sax, Flute, Vocals

Julia Lewandowski is a motivated team player and an advocate for collaboration in Milwaukee's music scene whether it be in rock bands, pit orchestras, or collegiate ensembles.

She went on tour with the Kids from Wisconsin for two summers and has worked with a variety of groups in the Greater Milwaukee Area and in southern Wisconsin. Working with Lakeside Players in Kenosha, Waukesha Civic Theater, Madison College, Off the Square Players, and recording at Audio for the Arts (Madison) and Tanner-Monagle (Milwaukee), she has a wide range of pit orchestra and studio experience.

Julia earned a degree in Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies with a minor in Music from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. With an appreciation for music and the arts, she has focused on interning and working on social media, website management, and marketing for nonprofit arts organizations such as Milwaukee Children's Choir and The Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts. Julia has started blending both of her passions and would like to continue challenging herself as an advertising student and as a musician post-graduation.  

Julia has studied with Milwaukee based saxophonists Curt Hanrahan, Aaron Gardner, and Nicki Roman, Assistant Professor of Saxophone at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. for more information

Visit her website for more information.

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R.J. Ziebarth is a singer/songwriter, musician and filmmaker from Rosendale, WI. In 2016, he moved to Milwaukee, attending University as a film major. There he found not only his passion for cinema, but for MKE’s DIY-live-music scene as well. From East Side’s Bremen Cafe to Cooperage MKE, Ziebarth sang and played drums, guitar, and bass with several local artists all over the city, including jam-band Modern Joey, 88.9-darling Dogbad, multi-instrumentalist Julia Lewandowski and singer-songwriter Barflord. 


R.J. Ziebarth has been the drummer for Wonderful Bluffer since 2019. On top of playing with WB, he also writes/records music as a solo artist. His new single, “Cream City,” is now streaming on all markets everywhere:

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Favorite artists/influences: Tom Petty, Dawes, Led Zeppelin, Little Feat, Pink Floyd, Tyler Childers, Hiss Golden Messenger, Blitzen Trapper, Ben Harper


Adam Rimkus has been playing bass with Wonderful Bluffer for over two years, his longest tenure with any band. In addition to the blues and rock n' roll Wonderful Bluffer plays, he has also played with Daylight Riot, a heavy metal band from Green Bay, and also works with punk-influenced band from Milwaukee, Running Tides. Adam has been playing bass for 5 years and was introduced to the instrument at a young age by his father, who also played bass. His influences range from classic rock to progressive rock and metal, and he hopes to continue writing and playing music with Wonderful Bluffer.

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Will Fox - Keys

Will is a self-taught keyboardist who also specializes in synthesizers. He has been playing all his life, but really started diving deep a few years ago via learning his favorite video game music and remixing the songs on his YouTube channel Willfox Piano. Unfortunately, Will was born with a visual impairment called Stargardts which has severely reduced his vision. This has been a huge motivating factor for seeking improvement in music and making new connections. Luckily you don't have to see to hear and feel the magic of music​.

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